Nourish your body, Nourish your mind and Nourish your soul !

Hi, I am Sabine !

I am 49 years young and mom of twin girls. I was overweight the last 10 -15 years doing a lot of yoyo diets and trying to do quick fixes that didn’t work. At that time, I wasn’t an athlete. I didn’t like to go to the gym at all. In fact, I wasn’t seeing me working out. I just hated the idea of exercise.

In 2020, I discovered the macro nutrition program and started to implement it. At the same time, I begun to lift weights on a regular basis. Between 2020-2021, I finally lost 60 pounds and was able to maintain my new weight. The unbelievable thing is that I enjoyed this new way of living, these new habits and I started to love my new ‘me’. I was who I wanted to be, with the right weight for me. It gave me the freedom to dress as I wanted, to feel good and more secure. My mindset changed and I looked at life differently; more positively and my self-confidence increased.

If you are ready to build sustainable habits, boost your self-confidence and elevate your self-esteem. I am here to support you on this empowering journey.

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What is macro nutrition?

To lose weight and reach your goals through  macro nutrition, you will need to precisely track your  intake of PROTEIN, FAT & CARB.

To follow this diet you will need to weigh and measure all your food in grams to accurately track your macro intake. I offer as well a hand portions program if you don’t want to use an app.

There are three phases for this weight loss program: CUT (losing weight), Reverse (adding slowly more food) and maintenance (staying at this weight for goods)

Weigh and take your measurements regularly  to monitor progress. Let me know if you have any other questions !

  • Track and weight your food.
  • Plan ahead of time what you will eat and when.
  • Eat the amount of food and the balance given in the nutrition plan.
  • Report every week your metrics and pictures.
  • Participate in our zoom calls.
  • Exercise at least 2-3 times a week (cardio is not enough, weight lifting is a must have. You will need help and support for this part of the program. I will give you some suggestions).

Nourish your body, Nourish your mind and Nourish your soul !

…What my clients say

Sabine changed my life for the better! I have always struggled with yo-yo dieting and haphazard eating habits. Sabine’s experience and expertise taught me how to overcome a lot of my anxiety surrounding food and my weight. I now travel without food fear and have gained absolute freedom. Where has Sabine been all my life?!! When I am hard on myself, she is my biggest cheerleader and encourages me to get back to it. I couldn’t ask for a better coach and mentor! Excited for our next phase!


I always had trouble with binge eating. With macro nutrition, I am able to manage these cravings much better. You can eat everything you want, but what really matters is the quantity. That’s what I have retained through that process. I am very happy about that change and I would recommend to work with Reveal Yourself.


The nutrition side of fitness has always been the hardest part for me and having someone speed up the learning curve and my progress has been priceless. I love working with Sabine. She simplifies the process, supports me in the best ways and has helped me improve my mindset to reach my goals much more quickly than I would have on my own. Oh, and talking to her happens to be like standing in warm sunshine


I am having an incredible experience with Sabine from Reveal Yourself. Sabine is knowledgeable and a patient teacher, who shares what works to get you to your health goals. Her expertise and skill with nutrition and fitness ideas are evident from the first consultation to each schedule session. Sabine takes the time to listen to your concerns and your desired outcomes. She then creates a customized plan to help you achieve them. My results were immediate and have been consistent each week. There is a small learning curve with understanding macros but once you include it, it becomes part of you. Thrilled!!! The results are excellent and it’s a sustainable lifestyle! So happy with my entiere experience!


I am extremely lucky to have found Sabine. I have been in my health and fitness journey for quite sometime and I have met so many great people along the way. However, I LOVED Sabine's approach. She has the impossible BS mix of no BS yet extremely nurturing and kind. She has been so supportive even when many others gave up on me and I appreciated her understanding what I am going through and holding a safe space for me to start and stop and start again. She never once gave up on me that means the world. I am a mother of two (my youngest is 2) and I run an Edtech startup, you can imagine how my life is like. I travel at least one third of the month and I am going through hormonal challenges. Sabine has always been enthusiastic friend who would celebrate with me every small win because she understands how hard it was for me to get there and that is something I cherish truly and deeply. She is a toolbox with the tips and tricks you need to get to your goals and this lady understands mindset shift. Sometimes we need to dig deeper than we ever dug before to get that 1% improvement we crave and Sabine helped me get there. I am forever grateful.


I started working with Sabine in February after a year of dieting on my own and losing 30 pounds. I got to my “goal” weight and then started watching the pounds creep back on. After gaining 10 pounds back, I realized I knew how to be disciplined and diet in short stretches but not how to sustain my weight loss or properly fuel myself to add muscle. I had thought about hiring a coach but wasn’t sure who and then came across Sabine and so glad I did! Macro nutrition was something I had heard about but it seemed very confusing and the thought of tracking meals seemed daunting. Sabine took the time to educate me and gave me the tools to be successful. We have two zoom calls monthly to review my progress and weekly checkins. Even with a hectic work schedule, traveling and eating out, I was able to lose 11 pounds! My before and after pictures are a reminder of just how far I’ve come and the best part is I’m not done. I am now in reverse and maintaining my weight with Sabine’s help. Working with Sabine has given me the knowledge and accountability I needed to reach my health goals. I am no longer afraid of the scale or carbs! I am no longer under eating during the week and over eating on weekends which was my cycle. As a result, I am finally building muscle and seeing my body change, which is very exciting! If you are on the fence, I would say do this for you. You will be so glad you did!


The first three months are done. I am so glad I found Sabine on Instagram. Your program is really the thing that helped me lose weight. In the last few years, I have always managed to lose a bit of weight for a short time, but the kilos were back very quickly and unfortunately a little bit more. Sabine gave me such great recipes, also for sweets and you made me realize how important is to exercise regularly. At first, I was afraid of the language because of the phone calls in English, but that wasn't a problem. Thank for your great support. I hope things will continue to go well. I am already looking forward for our next call.

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